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The complete set of chemical compounds involved in an organism's metabolism.

me·tab′o·lom′ic (mə-tăb′ə-lŏm′ĭk) adj.


(Biology) the full complement of metabolites present in a cell, tissue, or organism in a particular physiological or developmental state
[C20: from metabolite + -ome]
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The genetic profile includes their proteome, transcriptome, metabolome, and to some extent the gut microbiome.
creating a reference model of personalized tumor diagnostics based on an analysis of tumor heterogeneity using genomic biomarkers, transcriptome and metabolome and imaging pet / mri as a tool for implementation and monitoring of individualized therapy.
Metabolome characterization which enables us to measure the unique chemical fingerprints that cellular processes leave behind;
The HLI Health Nucleus is a unique free-standing health center where clients receive a complete biological and health assessment of themselves through genome, microbiome, metabolome sequencing, along with comprehensive MRI body scans and other more traditional clinical testing.
Linalool is a PPARalpha ligand that reduces plasma TG levels and rewires the hepatic transcriptome and plasma metabolome.
1]H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)-based metabolomics to investigate the alteration of gut microbiota and the host metabolome in mice treated with TCDF through the diet.
Among the eight chapters are these titles: Systems within the Systems within the Systems; Biomedical Studies and the Studies of the Studies; the Functional Genomics Quest; and Metabolome Analyses and Drug Design.
These measurements of change are derived from ultra-sensitive, high-throughput mass spectroscopy of the entire proteome and metabolome.
Schmidt, "The ability to analyze the genome, epigenome, transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome has deepened our understanding of the uniqueness of individuals and of how individual vulnerabilities may be further revealed under the extreme conditions of space.
The project aims at the development of a series of novel analytical methods able to identify and quantify the species being products of interaction of uranium with the proteome and metabolome of some aquatic organisms.
1]H-NMR fingerprint analysis, which is a comprehensive approach in the characterization of the plant metabolome (Daniel et al.
Despite the capacity to define the metabolome with increasing resolution, diagnosis and treatment approaches may still require genetic analyses.