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Investigators found metal fatigue in its gearbox cause a catastrophic failure and the rotor head detached.
The ban comes after investigators found metal fatigue in the gearbox of a Super Puma helicopter that crashed in the southwestern Norwegian city of Bergen in April, killing 13 people.
Tenders are invited for Design, engineer, fabricate, and install exterior metal wall louvers to withstand the effects of loads and stresses from wind and normal thermal movement without evidencing permanent deformation of louver components including blades, frames, and supports; noise or metal fatigue caused by louver blade rattle or flutter, and permanent damage to fasteners and anchors.
The method is said to offer a number of advantages over alternatives such as blow-torch and oven-based cleaning, including greater safety and control; reduced metal fatigue and tool damage; no unpleasant fumes or environmental risks; and shorter cleaning times and better cleaning results.
Metal fatigue can happen with guns approaching 100 years old and the result of this can range from dangerous to death.
Component failure, the culmination of repeated stresses known as metal fatigue, can mean you and your parts landing in different locations, a situation best avoided.
Rival Boeing said metal fatigue was normally the main limiting factor on a plane's life.
The Trident's open-bottom design creates a natural ventilation system, while the solid deck design resists deflection and metal fatigue giving it the lowest deflection in the industry.
Airbus Airbus orders increased inspections of A380 wings Airbus has ordered increased inspections of A380 wings after discovering unexpected levels of metal fatigue during testing on a factory mock-up, industry sources said on Thursday.
The patent-pending 'Edge' technology bends with a true hinge in both directions, eliminating friction and metal fatigue and ensuring proper tracking.
The strong and light Rutonium coating helps safeguard against metal fatigue.
Case histories in vibration analysis and metal fatigue for the practicing engineer.