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Murugakoothan, Growth, Spectral, Optical and Thermal Characterization of New Metallorganic Crystal-Bisthiourea Nickel Chloride, Spectrochim.
The breakthrough idea is the use of Transient Liquid Assisted Growth from low cost Chemical Solution Deposition of Y, Ba, Cu metallorganic precursors to reach ultrafast growth rates.
As heteroatoms other than oxygen are concentrated into the composition of acetone solubles, the presence of pyrrolic, pyranic, sulphoxidic, metallorganic, letcitinic and other phospholipidic, tioketonic, tioalcoholic, tioureatic, amidic, and many other fragments containing one or more heteroatoms in the form of remnants, substitutes, derivation or recombination products in this fraction is probable.
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