a.1.Of or pertaining to the metasternum.
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Metasternum sides almost fully pubescent, including latera fossae; metasternal disc delimited entirely by punctate area.
Prosternai spines are delicate and short (shorter than the clypeus hornlets), mesosternal lobes are pointed and erected, metasternal ones broadly rounded, and the metasternal pit is transverse, short, and deep (divided by a thin medial ridge).
Meso and metasternal lobes elongate, divided by acute notch, pointed apically.
Sternal shield smooth, with two pairs of setae and posterior margin V-shaped, the third pair of setae on interscutal membrane and the fourth pair of setae on oval metasternal shields.
palmyra for the present, because they possess the distinctively concave posterior metasternum, a small and bidentate posteromedial metasternal process, and a basally incised fore tibia, but have not designated them as paratypes because of the significant geographic distance separating the two populations, which suggests that the Pagan population may eventually prove to be a distinct species once additional material is available for a more detailed evaluation.
19' Tercer tarsomero simple, cuarto tarsomero lobulado; hipomeron con cavidades antenales; Sutura mesosternal y metasternal presente Lissomus
50mm); cuerpo deprimido; diente dorsal ensanchado en su base; tuberculos internos ubicados justo sobre el angulo cefalico anterior, agudos, largos y bien desarrollados; borde frontal subrecto; disco metasternal liso.
Metasternal interspace narrow, laterally compressed, much smaller than the mesosternal interspace.
Disco metasternal liso, delimitado por pocos puntos (20-30) en su parte media y posterior.
193), and Hydrometrinae by the very elongated anteocular part of the head; the length of the first antennal segment subequal to, or shorter than, that of the second segment, and the absence of metasternal glands.