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Noun1.Metaurus River - a battle during the second Punic War (207 BC)Metaurus River - a battle during the second Punic War (207 BC); Hannibal's brother Hasdrubal was defeated by the Romans which ended Hannibal's hopes for success in Italy
Punic War - one of the three wars between Carthage and Rome that resulted in the destruction of Carthage and its annexation by Rome; 264-241 BC, 218-201 BC, 149-146 BC
Italia, Italian Republic, Italy - a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula; was the core of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD
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Contract notice: School bus service of the municipalities of the valle del metauro school years 2015-2017 - cig.
8220;Diamond Packaging is a genuine example of what industry can and is doing with their discarded materials to minimize the impact on the environment and society,” said Albino Metauro, CEO of Cascades Recovery.
Vitti Antonio (a cura di), Ripensare il Neorealismo: Cinema, Letteratura, Mondo, Pesaro, Metauro Editori, 2008.
PERCHED on top of a hill in the unspoiled Le Marche region, you can gaze from the pool at the beautiful Metauro valley below.
Beyond the great rivers of the world that Battiferra wittily catalogues la Petrarque to announce what fame Ammannati will bring to the Arno -- and perhaps not just for the bridge, but for a growing list of accomplishments -- in other poems she varies the stock repetoire by singing of the Metauro and Isauro.
Two of these chapters work with the record of Tasso's experiences, recorded in letters and in the lyric, "Canzone al Metauro," and an identification of poetry and lamentation on the part of the narrator of the Gerusalemme liberata (1581).
Editor's Note: This feature contains the edited text of a presentation made by Al Metauro, president and CEO of Metro Waste Paper Recovery Inc.
Perhaps the whole series called for more learning than spectators had, but some or all of Cannae, Trasimene, Trebbia, Metauro, Fornovo, Ravenna, and Ceresole must have been familiar enough to educated viewers to allow the designer's melancholy message to be grasped?
Bill Moore, president of Moore & Associates, will moderate the panel of three industry experts: Ming Chung Lui of Nine Dragons, Al Metauro of Metro Waste and Ron Thiry of SCA North America.
As remarked by Lia Fava-Guzzetta in Gianna Manzini: una voce del modernismo europeo (Pesaro: Metauro, 2008), thirty years after the writer's death, it is no possible to access to all of Manzini's works, thus precluding the serious scholars interested in the development of the twentieth century novel to explore and appreciate the writer's significant contributions to modernism alongside other protagonists such as Wolf, Joyce, Gide and Pirandello.
The company's Tony Metauro says the baler has more than 83,000 production hours, which translates to more than 40 years in terms of equipment life.
More than 25 years ago, AI and Anthony Metauro began collecting scrap paper from garbage bins using a pick-up truck.