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They do indeed see it as a cash cow, no question and the only department growing in Stockton is the parking meter attendant group.
Connie Fisher stars as Elvis-obsessed parking meter attendant Gemma Perkins who starts stealing cash to fund an escape from her dreary existence.
Connie plays Gemma Perkins, a parking meter attendant, who has lived at home with her dad and overbearing step-mum, since her mum's death.
The only employee there one morning last week was a parking meter attendant checking whether commuters had paid their $2 daily tariff.
Savas, who is a parking meter attendant from London, was waiting for her in Britain.
And to add insult to injury, I was beaten like an animal by a vicious parking meter attendant after I begged for mercy.
Savas, a parking meter attendant from London, is accused of making a phone call from London to make the bomb threat with Ceylan's knowledge.
Civilian employees include personnel such as clerks, radio dispatchers, meter attendants, stenographers, jailers, correctional officers, and mechanics provided that they are full-time employees of the agency.
Meters - and, yes, those ubiquitous meter attendants - will still be active outside of that area, and the current 75 cents an hour parking charge will remain in the city's parking garages and parking lots.
The council has also unleashed a new breed of ruthless privatised parking meter attendants, with a zero-tolerance policy that has significantly boosted council coffers while generating no end of ill will amongst luckless motorists who are caught out.
The technology helping meter attendants track down reluctant meter feeders is so efficient that within two minutes of parking your vehicle without slipping a coin into the meter, you're bound to find a ticket decorating your windscreen.