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A heterosexual man who is sensitive to stereotypic feminine interests and is very concerned with personal appearance, as in grooming and dressing stylishly.

[ Blend of metropolitan + heterosexual (coined punningly by Mark Simpson (born 1965), British author and journalist).]

met′ro·sex′u·al adj.


a heterosexual man who spends a lot of time and money on his appearance and likes to shop
of or relating to metrosexuals


A. ADJmetrosexual
B. Nmetrosexual m
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And while some players revel in the traditional image of rugby machismo, Sam confines his fearless physicality to the field of play and is not afraid to expose his meterosexual side off it.
The absolute way to find out whether you are married to a Meterosexual man or not is to see if he has a salmon pink shirt in his wardrobe.
While the pundits and his peers fill the souvenir supplements with tributes to his meticulous approach - "He wanted to be the best kicker of a football that he could possibly be" says Gary Neville - the fashionistas purr how the meterosexual legend transformed the grooming habits of an entire generation of men.