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Noun1.Methodists - a Protestant denomination founded on the principles of John Wesley and Charles WesleyMethodists - a Protestant denomination founded on the principles of John Wesley and Charles Wesley
Methodist denomination - group of Methodist congregations
Protestant denomination - group of Protestant congregations
Methodist - a follower of Wesleyanism as practiced by the Methodist Church
References in classic literature ?
Well, Methodists are pretty near as good as Presbyterians," said Felicity, with the air of one making a great concession.
You see, it was a Methodist revival father got converted in, and so of course he joined the Methodist church.
She jest seems to have been born with a sort of chronic spite agin men and Methodists.
Thee dostna believe but what the dissenters and the Methodists have got the root o' the matter as well as the church folks.
I'm not a-going to turn Methodist any more nor you are--though it's like enough you'll turn to something worse.
Tom's Methodist hymn-book, which, in his hurry, he had forgotten, he now held up and turned over.
The mulatto woman was a member of the Methodist church, and had an unenlightened but very sincere spirit of piety.
In August, 1832, my master attended a Methodist camp-meeting held in the Bay-side, Tal- bot county, and there experienced religion.
Covey, he was a professor of religion--a pious soul--a member and a class-leader in the Methodist church.
It's a harrowing tale of the wanderings of a Methodist minister's wife.
As I passed the Methodist Church, I saw three white figures ahead of me, pacing up and down under the arching maple trees, where the moonlight filtered through the lush June foliage.
First, then, the mistress of the house where these lovers had hitherto met, and who had been for some years a pensioner to that lady, was now become a methodist, and had that very morning waited upon her ladyship, and after rebuking her very severely for her past life, had positively declared that she would, on no account, be instrumental in carrying on any of her affairs for the future.