n.1.(Chem.) An earlier technical name of methyl alcohol or wood spirit, now called methanol; also, by extension, the class name of any of the series of alcohols of the methane series of which methol proper is the type. See Methyl alcohol, under Methyl.
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A key figure for Bergoglio's articulation of this people-building idea over many years was his Uruguayan philosopher friend Alberto Methol Ferre.
Methol Ferre and Bergoglio in 2005 believed that Latin America's moment had not yet come; both believed Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger should be pope.
Mozambique s Agriculture Minister, Jose Pacheco and by Ricardo Methol, vice president of Florestal Oriental, of the UPM Uruguay Group inked the memorandum of understanding to set up the firm.
63) Albertho Methol Ferre, "Puebla procesoy tensiones," quoted in Smith, Emergence of Liberation Theology 210.
76% of Mechel stock, both directly and through LLC Methol, Calridge, Dalewave, Bellasis, Actiondeal, Armolink and Cyberwood (September 13 data).
The left's arrival to the government will signify a radical change from the current foreign policy of Batlle, which, although it did not break ties with MERCOSUR, did maintain a distance" by taking a go-it-alone attitude in relations with the US and Mexico, says international relations expert Alberto Methol Ferre.
Oak-ageing is evident, with aromas of vanilla and methol.
Don't use products containing alcohol, witch hazel, methol, peppermint, eucalyptus, or clove oils.
A source told the Mirror: "The package contained methol nitrate, 12-gauge shotgun cartridges, gun powder, a detonator and a striker pan.
Out of 1,535 smokers quizzed by the US team in 1985, 63 per cent said they liked methols best.