Methyl ether

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(Chem.) a light, volatile ether CH3.O.CH3, obtained by the etherification of methyl alcohol; - called also methyl oxide or dimethyl ether.

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The isolated compounds were identified as 1 imperatorin, 2 iso-imperatorin, 3 iso scopoletin, 4 scoparone, 5 anhydroaegeline, 6 xanthotoxol, 7 xanthotoxin, 8 umbelliferone, 9 esculetin, 10 aegeline, 11 marmeline, 12 halfordinol, 13 ethyl ether aegeline, 14 methyl ether aegeline (Fig.
This will mark an end of the refineries dependence on methanol imports, which is a key ingredient in the manufacturing of the octane-booster Tertiary Amyl Methyl Ether (TAME).
2% monoterpene phenol derivatives (thymol methyl ether, carvacrol methyl ether), 4.
Plicatic acid, thujaplicatin methyl ether, gamma thujaplicin, beta-thujaplicin, beta-thujaplicinol, thujic acid, and methyl thujate were quantified.
A derivative of methanol, a source of energy now being developed as an alternative to LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is Di methyl Ether (DME).
Lyondell Chemical Company has expanded its oxygenated solvents line with the addition of Arcosolv PMP propylene glycol methyl ether propionate.
The industrial solvent, ethylene glycol methyl ether (EGME, a component found in dyes, paints, varnishes, fuel additives and in the semi-conductor business) and the drug valproic acid (an ingredient in seizure, migraine and Valproate, a bipolar medication) may increase hormone activity in cells to potentially harmful levels, according to a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS, May 4, 2004, Vol.
The following oxygenates are used in petrol blends: methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE), ethyl tertiary-butyl ether (ETBE), tertiary-amyl methyl ether (TAME), tertiary-butyl alcohol (TBA; 2-methyl-2-propanol), diisopropyl ether (DIPE), ethanol (EtOH), and methanol (MeOH).
Containing rape seed and methyl ether (RSME), biodiesel fuels are significantly more acidic than standard diesel fuels, Ticona says.
Biodiesel" fuels now being used in Europe contain rape-seed methyl ether and are much more acidic than standard diesel fuels.
Other oxygenates, such as tertiary amyl methyl ether and ethyl tertiary butyl ether, will likely suffer from the same concerns as MTBE, especially those which are petroleum-derived.
Arco Chemical will now be able to offer state-of-theart tertiary amyl methyl ether technology by incorporating the RWD technology into the Arco Chemical Tame process.