Metric analysis

(Chem.) analysis by volume; volumetric analysis.

See also: Metric

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The performance of routing protocol is analyzed by three different test scenarios such as energy consumption, QoS metric analysis and QoE metric analysis.
Akamai fulfills the backing via monitoring, metric analysis, reporting and quality and availability measuring in real time for live content delivery through the internet for customers of the firm.
HYPERION X9 is a modular concept, offering every possible option, from two-dimensional panoramic imaging, to cephalo- metric analysis, down to cone-beam three-dimensional tomography, including capability of carrying out full dental arch volumetric scans.
The application also performs metric analysis that scores subjects based on facial similarities.
The methodology of the paper is based on laboratory research of physical-chemical and granule metric analysis of lignite powder and mathematical model.
While the resulting discussion, may at points seem eclectic, the author argues that the tools for metric analysis developed by American theorists in the past decades are eminently compatible with the approach of eighteenth-century writers, and so the combination of these fields is no arbitrary act but rather the realization of an inherent kinship, indeed, most of Mirka's theoretical sections could be described as "sorting out" the analytical toolbox developed primarily after Fred Lerdahl's and Ray Jackendoff's A Generative Theory of Tonal Music (Cam-bridge, MA: MIT Press, 1983) with an eye at historical music theory.
The biophotogammetry is a method for gross anatomy metric analysis of digitized structures or individuals, with the aid of one or more computer software.
Closed: Metric Analysis Panel: Asian Lab Boom and Trends
The original Latin and the French translation appear on facing pages, with interpretations, metric analysis, and critical apparatus arranged as notes at the bottom of the translation.
The purpose of the Request for Best Value Proposals (RFP) is to solicit online proposals to establish a contract or contracts through competitive negotiations for any or all of the following: website development, content management, social media, digital media development, web metric analysis, digital media buying, digital strategic planning and graphic art/design.
Articles cover topics such as metric analysis, time frequency representation, and representation of motivic spaces using OpenMusic software.