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 (mĕk′sĭ-kăl′ē, mĕ′hē-kä′lē)
A city of northwest Mexico near the California border east of Tijuana. It is a distribution and processing center in an irrigated agricultural region.


(ˌmɛksɪˈkɑːlɪ; Spanish mɛxiˈkali)
(Placename) a city in NW Mexico, capital of Baja California (Norte) state, on the border with the US adjoining Calexico, California: centre of a rich irrigated agricultural region. Pop: 840 000 (2005 est)


(ˌmɛk sɪˈkæl i)

the capital of Baja California Norte, in NW Mexico, on the Mexican-U.S. border. 510,600.
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Noun1.Mexicali - a city in northwestern Mexico near the California borderMexicali - a city in northwestern Mexico near the California border
Mexico, United Mexican States - a republic in southern North America; became independent from Spain in 1810
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Orchids Paper has manufacturing plants in Pryor; Barnwell, South Carolina; and Mexicali, Mexico.
The material will be stocked in WireMasters' new facility in Mexicali, Mexico.
It operates from northeast Oklahoma, Barnwell, South Carolina and Mexicali, Mexico and provides these products to retail chains in the US.
In the undercard, Diego De La Hoya (15-0, 9 KOs) of Mexicali, Mexico, faces Luis Orlando Del Valle (22-2, 16 KOs) of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, in a 10-round super bantamweight fight.
The sophisticated tunnel, which originated inside a restaurant in Mexicali, Mexico, featured a rail system, lighting, and electricity.
com), which has operations in Mexicali, Mexico and El Centro, CA, was founded in 1982 by Michael Logue.
OBJECTIVE: We examined signaling events involved in the expression of the inflammatory gene interleukin-8 (IL-8) in human airway epithelial cells (HAECs) exposed to ambient PM collected in an urban area of Mexicali, Mexico.
Life in Calexico, California, population just under 50,000, is circumscribed by border town issues, like the severely restricted access to its sister-city Mexicali, Mexico, population 700,000.
Profesor-investigador, Facultad de Odontologia, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexicali, Mexico.
Fruvemex is a privately owned Mexican entity headquartered in Mexicali, Mexico.
Like the others, she has traveled an hour from her home in Mexicali, Mexico to board the bus that will take her to the "campo" in the Valley of Yuma, Arizona.
2-magnitude quake, which was centred just south of the US border near Mexicali, Mexico, was one of the strongest earthquakes to hit the region in decades.