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 (mĕt′sō, mĕd′zō, mĕz′ō)
n. pl. mez·zos
A mezzo-soprano.


(ˈmɛtsəʊ) music
(Classical Music) moderately; quite: mezzo forte; mezzo piano.
n, pl -zos
(Music, other) See mezzo-soprano1
[C19: from Italian, literally: half, from Latin medius middle]


(ˈmɛt soʊ, ˈmɛd zoʊ, ˈmɛz oʊ)

n., pl. -zos.
a mezzo-soprano.
[1805–15; < Italian < Latin medius middle]
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Noun1.mezzo - a soprano with a voice between soprano and contraltomezzo - a soprano with a voice between soprano and contralto
soprano - a female singer
2.mezzo - the female singing voice between contralto and soprano
singing voice - the musical quality of the voice while singing
mezzo soprano


(ˈmetsou) mezzo-soprano (metsousəˈpraːnou) plurals ˈmezzos, ~ˌmezzo-soˈpranos noun
(a person having) a singing voice between soprano and alto.
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Overseen by Chef Bryce Carter, the brunch includes fresh appetizA[degrees] ers, baked breads, a salad disA[degrees] play and a selection of refreshing cold mezza.
The fashion show portion followed with great clothing and jewelry by 3 local designers: Maritza Guevara Sanchez, Fashion and Jewelry Designer, Santa Cruz by Alexandra, and Mezza Designs.
and spend a couple of hours wending your way past 20 or so murals, ending up at Mezza Luna Pizzeria, 115 S.
Next up, you can toss away your chopsticks for a fork, and head over to the starters station where you will find hot and cold mezza like fatayer (Lebanese pastries typically stuffed with spinach, minced beef, or cheese), kibbeh, falafel, tabouleh, and hummus, among others.
Long-Time Supporters, The Herzer Family and Ellie Schneir and Peter Mezza To Be Honored
Mezza soprano Katherine Jenkins, from Neath, tweeted her delight this week that she and husband Andrew Levitas are expecting the patter of tiny pink feet.
You could also try their Jordanian Mansaf, Lebanese Mezza and the popular dessert, Ailit Zizi - things that I have kept high on my agenda during my next visit there.
In Damascus, terrorists targeted Mezza Jabal 86 area with two rocket shells, causing material damage only.
The elegant seated dinner, in the English garden, featured a menu of eggplant mezza luna pasta with sweet tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil, Tuscan beef fillet with Brunello di Montalcino sauce, baby spinach with raisins and pine nuts, vegetables caponata and lemon sorbet, all accompanied with splendid local wines.
Assistant Freshman Football Coach Mario Mezza agreed with Mr.
There was everything, from poultry to seafood, diverse kinds of roasts, barbecue, salads with different dressing, soups, a range of breads, desserts such as custard, jelly, Umm Ali, puddings, French pastry, cream Carmela, live cooking of Kebbeh Labaniyeh, which you can tweak according to your taste, Shawarma, Mantos and Yoghmush (dumplings stuffed with mince and labna), Jarish (oats), Ouzi, grilled beef with mushrooms, Potato Blancher, mozzarella chicken rolls, grilled shrimps (chef's special), grilled salmon with fennel, Pasta Al Forno, Hot Mezza, fried eggplant, Hammour Samaka Harra, mixed grill, Moroccan Chicken Tagine and traditional Moroccan couscous.
Guests can also enjoy the Jordanian mansaf, Lebanese mezza and Studio Masr's popular dessert, The Ailit Zizi.