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or me·ze (mĕt′zā)
1. Small, savory dishes served as appetizers or accompaniments to alcoholic drinks in Greek or Middle Eastern cuisine.
2. pl. mez·zes or mezze or meze A dish of this type.

[From Modern Greek mezés and Turkish meze, a dish served as mezze, and Arabic mazza, mezze, all ultimately from Persian maza, taste, flavor, food eaten with drink to bring out its flavor.]
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Our extraordinary culinary team has created an Eid brunch at Al-Orjouan Restaurant with a selection of oriental delicacies, including mezze and salad buffets, freshly baked breads, a sushi station, grilled seafood and meat, and a mouth-watering selection of hot dishes," the hotel added.
The brunch will offer delightful international buffet with live cooking and Oriental Ouzi stations, a number of salads, an array of hot and cold mezze, mixed grill platter with a wide selection of appetisers and soups.
While the popular Arabic mezze was retained in the menu, the tapas, sushi and wraps have been replaced with pizzas and pastas.
The seasonal menu will include tapas and light Arabic food, divided into sections like Fresh, Earthy, Spicy and Salty, with starters, mezze, and dessert in each category.
The Ea la carte menus and buffets feature a selection of Arabic mezze, Middle Eastern and International inspired culinary creations and gourmet desserts.
The first will give you the option of hot/cold mezze, along with a dessert for LL75,000.
FOOD By Helen The menu includes a range of hot and cold mezze, meat dishes from the grill and a selection of meat and veggie wraps.
The eaterie, which offers "a culinary tour across the globe without needing to step foot on a plane" offers dishes such as beer battered cod, BBQ baby back ribs and 21-day aged grilled sirloin steak, or global favourites like the chilli beef burrito, Penang bang salad, middle-Eastern mezze and the Jambalaya risotto.
Grab-'n'-go delights include Jalapeno Corn Cakes, Spiced Spareribs with Chimichurri Sauce, Traditional Swabian Soft Pretzels, Falafel Mezze Plate, Nectarine Raspberry with Tarragon Pops, and much more.
The menu gathered a variety of dishes from places across the Arab world, from the starters with a wide selection of mezze to the main courses and desserts.
WAfter booking a table for six at Mezze Bar Restaurant in Holmfirth, we arrived as a party of five after one of our number contracted one of the winter viruses currently doing the rounds.