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MIB life application activity for all age groups plunged 4.
Rappelons que MIB (Materiel pour l'Industrie et la Bureautique) est une societe du groupe Slama, creee en 1986, emploie pres de 300 collaborateurs avec un portefeuille important de clients dans de nombreux secteurs d'activites comme le marquage industriel et emballage, equipements pour l'industrie textile, activite telecom (Representant officiel de Tunisie Telecom), activite IT.
The MIB said that last year 116,000 uninsured vehicles were seized.
Under an agreement with the UK Government, the MIB acts as a lifeline for innocent motorists when the perpetrators are uninsured or can't be traced.
MIB Hithadoo branch is located at Thuhbeege Building, Elhadheedhee Magu, Hithadoo.
Additional MIB Life Index metrics are available with registration from www.
The MIB is commonly used as the benchmark stock market index for the Borsa Italiana and measures the performance of the 40 major Italian shares, such as Fiat, UniCredit, Campari and MadiaSet.
The addition of this pair is beneficial for our clients as it provides the opportunity to take advantage of the constant movements of the MIB as well as diversify one's trading portfolio.