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n.1.One who has made a special study of miasma.
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Florence Nightingale was a miasmatist, believing that diseases spread by emanations given off by the environment (essentially bad air) and particularly by poor hygiene.
For the miasmatist, disease was not passed from person to person but rather from environment to person.
Good hygiene, with its reliance on the old miasmatist ideals of fresh air and cleanliness, could now prevent the spread of contagious germs, blending the two older theories together.
The miasmatists stab a microscope into a living louse to
In 1894, the battle was between the new "germ theory" scientists such as Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch and their followers, and the miasmatists, those who held that disease was caused by bad air, or bad water, or bad soil.
Miasmatists blamed cholera on bone merchants and workers in slaughterhouses, knacker's yards, and other offensive trades, whose foul-smelling odors were thought to be closely involved in transmission.
Historians have tended to divide disease theorists into rival camps: miasmatists versus contagionists.