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Mi·cah 1

 (mī′kə) also Mi·che·as (mī-kē′əs)
A Hebrew prophet of the eighth century bc.

[Hebrew Mîkâ, short for Mîkâ'ēl, Michael; see Michael.]

Mi·cah 2

 (mī′kə) also Mi·che·as (mī-kē′əs)
See Table at Bible.

[After Micah.]


1. (Bible) a Hebrew prophet of the late 8th century bc
2. (Bible) the book containing his prophecies
Douay spelling: Micheas


(ˈmaɪ kə)

1. a Minor Prophet of the 8th century B.C.
2. a book of the Bible bearing his name.
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Noun1.Micah - a minor Hebrew prophet (8th century BC)Micah - a minor Hebrew prophet (8th century BC)
2.Micah - an Old Testament book telling the prophecies of Micah foretelling the destruction of JerusalemMicah - an Old Testament book telling the prophecies of Micah foretelling the destruction of Jerusalem
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
Nebiim, Prophets - the second of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures
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She is drawn to two fellow survivors: smooth Michah, Rivkah's son, and Lev, so devoted to his faith that he cannot even hold Gerta's hand.
Edited by Mladen Bestvina, Michah Sageev, and Karen Vogtmann
Michah Gottlieb, being obviously trained in philosophy as well as in Jewish studies, takes the Jewish and Wolffian philosopher Men-delssohn seriously in both ways and can thus evaluate the great impact of Mendelssohn's philosophy on his Jewish position as well as the enormous influence of his Jewish roots and religion on his philosophy.
00--In this work, Michah Gottlieb seeks to establish a better appreciation of eighteenth century Jewish philosopher Moses Mendelssohn and argues that his "enlightened" view of religion and its place in society are worth reconsidering today.
Indeed, in Michah Gottlieb's study, Faith and Freedom: Moses Mendelssohn's Theological-Political Thought (Oxford, March), an influential Jewish Enlightenment thinker comes off sounding a little like Hartman; Gottlieb's Mendelssohn, influenced both by the religious icon Maimonides and by the atheistic radical Baruch Spinoza, "defends Jewish religious concepts sincerely, but in doing so gives them a humanistic valence appropriate to life in an enlightened society.
Nietzsche had a significant influence on leaders and Zionist thinkers, most prominently on Michah Yosef Berdichevsky.
The Blues striker would run away making an A-sign with his fingers - and people wondered whether it was a self-indulgent version of his own initials - until it was pointed out that Titus Bramble and Michah Richards were doing the same.
If you look at the players that are there - Rio, John Terry and then obviously behind them there's Woodgate, Upson, Wes Brown, Michah Richards, Wheater, Steve Taylor, Anton Ferdinand, you could go on forever.
Scott said she's an animal lover, and it's not unusual to spot her 4-year-old cocker spaniel Michah playing with the Sunday School children or just romping around Pakachoag Church.
Stephanie Stephens and Michah Mahling each scored 16 points Saturday as Lane Community College defeated Chemeketa 84-46 to clinch the NWAACC South Division title with its 62nd consecutive home victory.