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An independent country that is very small in area and population. Also called ministate.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a very small nation that is an internationally-recognized sovereign state. Also called: mini-state


(ˈmɪn iˌsteɪt)

a small, independent nation.
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And any meaningful development project within such mini-states and micro-states, fractured along ethnic lines has proved difficult to pull off.
The BTI examined 129 countries with the exclusion of micro-states, normally with populations of 500,000 or less.
In many cases, the leaked documents expose insider details of how agents would incorporate companies in Caribbean and South Pacific micro-states on behalf of wealthy clients, then assign front people called "nominees" to serve, on paper, as directors and shareholders for the corporations a disguising the companies' true owners.
Taken together, all this means that after secession the South would have several inefficient micro-states, some of them strongly divided by prejudice and class distinctions.
A careful study of these countries - mainly post-communist countries in Eastern Europe and a smattering of tiny micro-states worldwide - suggests that there are three main reasons.
That would mean 3,000 micro-states, each refusing to accept any sovereignty superior to its own.
Over the course of the past two decades, the Great Lakes Region of central Africa--encompassing the micro-states of Rwanda and Burundi, as well as the eastern portion of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the southwestern corner of Uganda--has seen some of the world's most devastating civil and interstate wars.
Subjects tackled by the remaining papers include relations between the EU and Switzerland; EU relations with the micro-states of Andorra, San Marino, and Monaco; the European Neighbourhood Policy; the prospects of the EU and Russia signing the Strategic Partnership Agreement; EU-US transatlantic relations; attempts to elaborate an intellectual property enforcement strategy in third world countries; and the EU's external actions in the field of environmental protection.
The governments of micro-states such as Gibraltar, Guernsey or the Isle of Man would tell Westminster to take a running jump if they tried that sort of trick with them.
Firstly, micro-states such as Andorra, San Marino and Liechtenstein - tiny countries that you can pub crawl in an afternoon - and secondly new nations, forged after the collapse of the Soviet Union, that are still building the foundations of international football.
With minimal - if existent - trade with Beijing, a number of micro-states (in the South Pacific and Caribbean) and economically depressed nations (in Africa and Latin America) have nothing to lose by siding with Taiwan in the 'two Chinas' dispute.