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A method of practice teaching in which a videotape of a small segment of a student's classroom teaching is made and later evaluated.
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During this period I was able to develop competencies in case identification and management of nutrition follow up of cases by conducting home visits and nutrition counseling, health promotion through micro-teaching, enhancing community participation in their own health, clinic organization, record keeping and report writing.
The sessions included simulations of micro-teaching lessons on shared reading and writing, group guided reading and phonics.
In their professional studies classes and in method classes, teacher candidates engage in micro-teaching, project and unit development, subject matter portfolios, group research, presentations, and other activities.
Approximately 30 of these hours are earned through micro-teaching projects and individual lessons.
In another study, Pringle, Dawson, and Thomasenia (2003) investigated the use of technology by pre-service teachers when incorporated into micro-teaching activities in science, mathematics, and educational technology courses.
Allegheny and Westmoreland counties -- $22,854 to Micro-Teaching Factory to train six workers for new jobs and another 18 workers for upgraded jobs with M.
He and partner, Ron Weishorn, founded the Micro-Teaching Factory in Monroeville, PA - a school to train machine operators in the axiom of motion and bring them closer to the age of CIM.
However, Micro-Teaching Factory isn't just another OEM's customer training facility.
He is convinced the concept behind the Micro-Teaching Factory can be part of the solution.
In addition to courses for production workers, the Micro-Teaching Factory has a program in CIM for management - offered in three levels.
She said a total of N15 billion had been spent on all 51 Federal and State Polytechnics to develop and restore their laboratories while 58 federal and state colleges of education had profited from the construction of Micro-Teaching Laboratories worth N11.