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(ˈmaɪ kroʊˌbraʊ zər)
Computers. a browser adapted for use with mobile phones and other handheld wireless devices.
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a provider of WAP-based wireless microbrowsers that run on Palm and Java platforms, has unveiled 4thpass KBrowser Preview 2 version for devices using the Palm OS.
New protocols like WAP, which target small-footprint microbrowsers, are already implementing XML.
As Founder, President and CEO, Ran had built STNC from a two-person start-up into a multi-million international company, the first to integrate microbrowsers into mass-market mobile phones, with a customer base that included Sony, Ericsson and others.
Mustafa also addresses how microbrowsers are a poor choice as the front-end interface, adding a 400 percent data overhead unworkable version control, and tending to rely on transcoding of Web pages, which really is not a solution.
the leading provider of microbrowsers for i-mode(TM) phones, announced that it will support the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) version 2.
6 is enhanced device support for HTML browsers, opening the wireless data access to a host of new devices running HTML compatible microbrowsers.
Openwave microbrowsers have been integrated into more than 170 models of mobile phones representing more than 100 million units shipped.
The family of Neomar Microbrowsers also supports scripting, cookies, and wireless security standards WTLS and WPKI.
OTCBB:ITAC) announced today the release of two highly secure microbrowsers based on INTACTA.
The MobileWare Server supports a broad range of devices equipped with HDML, XML, WML and HTML microbrowsers.
The company's main business is providing voice and text content service for mobile phones featuring WAP-based microbrowsers.