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A machine or mechanism with parts smaller than a millimeter, as one fabricated using MEMS technology.
tr.v. mi·cro·ma·chined, mi·cro·ma·chin·ing, mi·cro·ma·chines
To machine or manufacture (MEMS components, microchips, or other parts) on the scale of less than one millimeter with a high degree of precision.
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The novel micromachine "is an important step in integrating biological components into microengineered systems," comments bioengineer William O.
The silicon micromachine measures just half the width of a human hair and crawls on legs powered by the pulsing muscle fibres of rats.
To get an idea of a micromachine part, think of a speck of dust
The 15th Annual World Micromachine Summit is an international forum to discuss initiatives in micromachining and nano technologies and the way in which they deliver economic and social outcomes.
By utilizing a dual-beam fiber laser system, equipped with high speed digital galvanometers, we can now micromachine features and materials that were previously unavailable to our customers.
However, transferring fully developed muscles from an organism to a micromachine is impractical, notes Xi.
SmalTec International, LLC ("SmalTec"), a microtechnology solutions provider, announced it will launch and showcase its most advanced Micro-EDM / Nano-Grinding Equipment at the MICROMACHINE 2006 exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, this November.
Tired of grinding their gears, micromachine researchers turn to surface science
Nearly all the components exist somewhere, meaning that someone in a research lab has built the right kind of radio transmitter on a chip and someone else at another lab has built a micromachine microphone," Berlin says.
As a pioneer in the micromachine IC industry, ADI produced the first fully-integrated, single chip iMEMS(R) (integrated Micro Electrical Mechanical System) accelerometer in 1991.
And expanding the list of materials and methods available to the world's micromachine shops rates as one of the most pressing challenges for microengineers, says Noel C.