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Of or relating to Micronesia or its peoples, languages, or cultures.
1. A member of any of the peoples inhabiting Micronesia.
2. A subfamily of the Austronesian language family that includes the languages of Micronesia.


(Languages) of or relating to Micronesia, its inhabitants, or their languages
1. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Micronesia, more akin to the Polynesians than the Melanesians, but having Mongoloid traces
2. (Languages) a group of languages spoken in Micronesia, belonging to the Malayo-Polynesian family


(ˌmaɪ krəˈni ʒən, -ʃən)

1. of or pertaining to Micronesia or its inhabitants.
2. a member of any of the indigenous peoples of Micronesia.
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He strives to contribute to the protection of biodiversity and the natural wealth of the planet through the Amazing Planet project, which includes also the most recent aerial photos of the remote and barely accessible Micronesian Islands, of Greenland, the Tongo Kingdom, Hawaiian Islands and Franz Joseph Land.
HM King sends cable of congratulations to Micronesian President on National Day.
Similarly, Nunn observed that the inhabited Micronesian island of Pohnpei showed 'fewer effects than might be expected from recent sea level rise', most likely because it is protected from waves by a fringe of mangrove forests.
Canberra's hardline immigration policy requires asylum seekers intercepted at sea to be sent for processing to two remote Pacific locations -- one on Papua New Guinea's (PNG's) Manus Island and the other on the Micronesian island nation of Nauru.
The Micronesian economy continued its gradual recovery in fiscal year 2016 (ending September 30), after three years of contraction during 201214.
Lessons from Hawai'i" exposes an America littered with racism and the stigma of being the Micronesian "other" whose cultural specificity gets lost in the metanarrative of not belonging "here": "You don't look Micronesian / you're much prettier
O3b Networks has signed a contract with Digicel Pacific to increase satellite capacity and bring state-of-the-art mobile connectivity to the remote Micronesian Island of Nauru, the company said.
It discusses national competition in the Pacific in the 19th century, Marshallese culture, and the introduction of the US in the Marshalls; Japanese occupation of the islands before World War II; the role of the United Nations and President Truman after World War II in securing the islands for the US; the role of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands in providing US control over them; the creation of the Congress of Micronesia; Micronesian status politics and negotiations; the move toward recognition of the Marshall Islands as a sovereign nation; and events up to the present, including the Kwajalein Land Use Agreement.
base in the Micronesian island of Guam operates two Army missile launcher pads along with a reserve.
Take Nauru: Notes from a Cretaceous World, 2009-10, a video that details the financial collapse of the Micronesian island of Nauru due to the colonial exploitation of its phosphate.
Thor added, 'Anecdotal evidence has shown that certain AAPI groups - including South Asian, Muslim, Sikh, Micronesian, LGBT, immigrant, and limited English proficient youth - are more likely to be the targets of bullying.
The man, identified as Joshua, won the 16-room Micronesian resort in a draw organized by the Australian owners, who were looking to handover the lodge to someone like-minded.