Microscope stand

the instrument, excepting the eyepiece, objective, and other removable optical parts.

See also: Stand

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Universal power pack that is fully contained within the microscope stand (i.
Doctors no longer have to take a printed picture of the eye from the office and tape it to the microscope stand," said Donna Rathbone, Director of Biometry Marketing for Haag-Streit USA.
Because our first training efforts focused on a hand held model, we procured and evaluated several table-top vertical microscope stands to steady the viewing and decided upon the Dino-lite model MS-35B easy-to-assemble microscope stand (http://www.
Two upper parts of the microscope stand have now been developed for polarization, allowing a total of three lower parts and seven upper parts to be available.
5x zoom with auxiliary lenses, and a microscope stand with coarse-fine focus control.
Further developments followed with the improvement of the microscope stand and, even more importantly, the development of methods to increase the contrast.
Capable of imaging fluorescently labelled fixed samples with a resolution exceeding that limited by diffraction; Instrument 3: A Research grade fully motorised upright microscope stand suitable for sensitive imaging of fluorescently labelled fixed cells and tissue sections on glass slides, plus histological sections stained with visible dyes in colour.
1 (SR-SIM) is the first microscope system to allow the use of SR-SIM technology on the basis of a standard microscope stand.
The ECLIPSE LV100DA is a semi-automated microscope stand for industrial measuring solutions designed to keep pace with the higher performance demands in the semiconductor and medical device markets.
The overall system consists of the following components (I) microscope stand,(Ii) epifluorescence imaging system (for 2 simultaneous emission channels)(Iii) Epifluoreszenzanregungssystem,(Iv) confocal microscope with laser scanning (simultaneous emission of two channels)(V) excitation system for the confocal microscope,(Vi) transillumination with white and red light,(Vii) hardware and software components for an integrated programming and control of the overall system (experiment procedures (protocols) must be fully controllable in all details of the software).
Additional technical improvements include the capability to combine reflected and transmitted light into a combined light, access to the luminous-field and aperture diaphragms in the reflected-light beam path in all microscope stand versions, the exchangeability of the fine drive knob and the fine drive disk, and a newly designed transmitted-light beam path for more homogeneous illumination in transmitted light even with low objective magnifications.
The microscope will be based on an inverted microscope stand.