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American Stock Exchange


or A.S.E.,

American Stock Exchange.


a suffix used in the names of enzymes: oxidase.
[extracted from diastase]
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With the series, titled "Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Programming on 7 CD-ROMs," database developers will learn techniques for programming for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, which has a host of advanced features.
Furthermore, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (64-bit) database software has been designed to take advantage of system and processor advancements made by both NEC and Intel.
chosen Microsoft SQL Server over other alternatives," said Rich
The Wonderware Information Server software is built on top of Microsoft's SharePoint services and Microsoft SQL Server reporting services technologies.
MSDE is a solid, robust and scalable solution for those who want to start small, but retain the flexibility of scaling to an enterprise-class solution such as Microsoft SQL Server.
Kalman Toth is a recognized expert in Database design, modeling, programming and administration with specific expertise in Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase.
5, Microsoft SQL Server has emerged as one of the pillars of the Microsoft BackOffice(TM) family of server applications.
To facilitate this, Metals USA required that their Financial Data Warehouse, built on a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 BI Platform, have high performance connectivity to legacy data residing in COBOL/ISAM files as well as several databases residing on Unix-based servers.
Enhancements to the forthcoming Microsoft SQL Server version 6.
Through this process, Centennial Discovery has been certified to work with Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
DBAssociatesIT, the vendor for SQL LiteSpeed, is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Software Products specializing in the development of high-performance backup/recovery and database management solutions for Microsoft SQL Server.
In a customer survey conducted in November 1995, 25 percent of Microsoft SQL Server customers stated they are already using Microsoft SQL Server for data-warehousing applications, and 51 percent stated they are using Microsoft SQL Server for a combination of data warehousing, decision-support or executive information systems (EIS).

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