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The AFSS employs a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) and Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) with an Oracle 8i database.
Also released today is InaClockCtrl, a Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) enabled component that offers developers the same core functionality as InaClock and works within an application or active server page.
0, boasts full support for Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), enabling customers to realize improved interoperability and scalability in their SQLBase applications.
From an IT standpoint, management of database connections and Microsoft Transaction Server packages are handled through standard Microsoft utilities.
The online marketplace uses Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM), Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM), Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) and Microsoft SQL Server database.
Great Plains solutions are also compatible with other Microsoft products and technologies, including Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Microsoft Windows NT Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft Transaction Server, Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.
Doug Young, Ajunto's general manager of Technical Operations, also deployed Fenway for monitoring and managing a version of the company's custom e-commerce platform based on Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) as well a Microsoft IIS front-end web server.
Astea's research and development efforts are based on a Distributed Component Object Model and Microsoft Transaction Server.

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