mid-ocean ridge

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mid-o·cean ridge

1. Any of various underwater mountain ranges forming a chain that extends almost continuously for about 66,000 kilometers (41,000 miles) through the North and South Atlantic Oceans, the Indian Ocean, and the South Pacific Ocean at the boundaries between divergent tectonic plates. Magma escapes from rifts along the tops of these ranges, adding new material to the earth's crust.
2. The system of these mountain ranges considered as a single geologic feature.

mid-o·cean ridge

A long mountain range on the ocean floor, extending almost continuously through the North and South Atlantic Oceans, the Indian Ocean, and the South Pacific Ocean. A deep rift valley is located at its center, from which magma flows and forms new oceanic crust. As the magma cools and hardens it becomes part of the mountain range. See more at tectonic boundary.
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Based on field evidences and geochemical and mineralogical data it is suggested that the studied Mn-ores formed due to exhalation of hydrothermal fluid along the mid ocean ridge in the Tethys Ocean where it was precipitated as concordant bodies due to physiochemical changes.
The shrimps' predilection for greater depths may have allowed their larvae to disperse via deep currents from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean--an avenue unavailable to other species rather than via a route along the mid ocean ridge, through the South Atlantic and around the Horn of Africa.
These are the only locations where mid ocean ridges are above sea level--most are found deep underwater, which makes them difficult to study.

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