Middle Congo

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Middle Congo

(Placename) one of the four territories of former French Equatorial Africa, in W central Africa: became an autonomous member of the French Community, as the Republic of Congo, in 1958


(ˈkɒŋ goʊ)

1. Republic of the, a republic in central Africa, W of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: a former French territory; gained independence 1960. 2,716,814; 124,504 sq. mi. (322,463 sq. km). Cap.: Brazzaville. Formerly, French Congo , Middle Congo.
2. Democratic Republic of the, a republic in central Africa: a former Belgian colony; gained independence 1960. 50,481,305; 905,063 sq. mi. (2,344,113 sq. km). Cap.: Kinshasa. Formerly, Zaire, Belgian Congo, Congo Free State.
3. Also called Zaire. a river in central Africa, flowing in a great loop from SE Democratic Republic of the Congo to the Atlantic. ab. 3000 mi. (4800 km) long.
Con`go•lese′ (-gəˈliz, -ˈlis) adj., n., pl. -lese.
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In 1958, Chad, Gabon and Middle Congo became autonomous republics within the French community.
In 1908, France organized French Equatorial Africa (AEF), comprising its colonies of Middle Congo (modern Congo), Gabon, Chad, and Oubangui-Chari (modern Central African Republic).
Most of the other stamps shown here pre-date the Second World War, including a 1903 Persian stamp and a 1907 stamp from the Middle Congo depicting a leopard in ambush, both worth about pounds 1, and a 1935 Maori Panel 9d stamp from New Zealand, valued at pounds 4.