Middle Western

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Middle West

Middle West′ern adj.
Middle West′ern·er n.

Middle Western

(Placename) another name for Midwestern


(mɪdˈwɛs tərn)
(sometimes l.c.) of or pertaining to the Midwest.
Often, Middle Western.
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They lived as all of the young women of Middle Western towns lived.
Implementing agency : Daegu, Daegu Metropolitan City Office of Education, Sports and Middle Western Education Support Office in Daegu
Just on Wednesday in middle western Terai plains of Nepal, they captured 58 acres land of Khil Raj Regmi, the chairperson of the interim government.
I recall one of Hemingway's sons saying, "My father wrote his best when he was close to his Middle Western roots.
Remaking the Heartland tells a number of interesting stories about Middle Western literature, films, television shows, and other entertainment.