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 (mĭd′l-tən), Thomas 1580-1627.
English playwright whose comedies, written in the early 1600s, include A Trick to Catch the Old One and A Chaste Maid in Cheapside.


(Placename) a town in NW England, in Rochdale Unitary Authority, Greater Manchester. Pop: 45 314 (2001)


1. (Biography) Kate, real name Catherine Elizabeth. born 1982, married Prince William in 2011; created Duchess of Cambridge
2. (Biography) Thomas. ?1570–1627, English dramatist. His plays include the tragedies Women beware Women (1621) and, in collaboration with William Rowley (?1585–?1642), The Changeling (1622), and the political satire A Game at Chess (1624)


(ˈmɪd l tən)

Thomas, c1570–1627, English playwright.
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Noun1.Middleton - English playwright and pamphleteer (1570-1627)Middleton - English playwright and pamphleteer (1570-1627)
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She instantly wrote Sir John Middleton her acknowledgment of his kindness, and her acceptance of his proposal; and then hastened to shew both letters to her daughters, that she might be secure of their approbation before her answer were sent.
No, by our Lady that jest was played by Gualtier of Middleton, one of our own companions-at-arms.
But there was another hour's work before the layer of live rats at the base of the stack would be reached; and as the evening light in the direction of the Giant's Hill by Abbot's-Cernel dissolved away, the white-faced moon of the season arose from the horizon that lay towards Middleton Abbey and Shottsford on the other side.
Casaubon as to the unsound opinions of Middleton concerning the relations of Judaism and Catholicism; and passed easily to a half-enthusiastic half-playful picture of the enjoyment he got out of the very miscellaneousness of Rome, which made the mind flexible with constant comparison, and saved you from seeing the world's ages as a set of box-like partitions without vital connection.
Thomas Middleton, also a very prolific writer, often deals, like Jonson and Heywood, with sordid material.
Shakspere's later contemporaries, under Elizabeth and James I: Jonson, Chapman, Dekker, Heywood, Middleton, Marston, Beaumont and Fletcher, Webster.
Why this is a commission creating Duncan Uncas Middleton a captain of artillery
About Middleton Place, LLC Middleton Place, LLC is a privately held company that owns and manages the Middleton Woodlands adjacent to the historic Middleton Place gardens.
Kate Middleton is almost five months away from her due date and celebrations for the unborn have already begun.
TJFA Under-8s Durham Division Three Middleton Rangers Heighington AFC RANGERS gave another classy performance in a great spirited game from both sides.
THE Duchess of Cambridge's sister, Pippa Middleton, has given her first television interview.
Testimony and closing arguments concluded Wednesday following a three-day court hearing to determine if 28-year-old Don Willburn Collins will be tried as an adult for murder in the death of Robert Middleton.

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