Mighty Mouse

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Noun1.Mighty Mouse - a fictional mouse endowed with great strength and courage
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Featuring commercials, Webtoons and episodes of Ren & Stimpy and Mighty Mouse too raunchy or politically incorrect for the networks, the screening displayed yet another edge to this year's festival, that of uncensored comic revelry, free of all the liberal constraints of good taste.
Waterloo, who should be in a mood to celebrate, field David Blyth in the second row as Paul White's partner, Dan Smith, Dave Mercer and their Mighty Mouse Hugo Corbett at the back, and give a welcome debut to Phil Winstanley.
Maybe I should apologize (and maybe I shouldn't) to RKS-Software for associating MightyFAX with Mighty Mouse.
That is certainly what the Mighty Mouse has tried to do in Orlando.
It doesn't amount to a hill of beans for the buying public whether you call yourself the Grand Gorilla or Mighty Mouse.
The three new cases are made of durable, high-quality ballistic nylon and custom designed with the Apple user in mind, featuring plenty of space for the MacBook and accessories such as a Mighty Mouse, MacSafe Power Adapter, Apple Remote and of course an iPod([R]).
The spot didn't imply an endorsement and the character could've easily been Mickey Mouse, Mighty Mouse, or Chuck E.
While Tam Donnelly wanted to know who'd win in a fight between Mighty Mouse, Danger Mouse and Fingermouse.
fr MIGHTY MOUSE * If you're still using a tethered mouse, it is definitely time to trade up, and the same goes for anyone still struggling with their laptop's trackpad.
MIGHTY MOUSE THE little mouse scampered along the jungle floor When suddenly he heard a mighty roar "Help me
Nicknamed Mighty Mouse, the 5ft 3in unranked rookie showed he has a big future in the sport as he made the greatest player of the modern era at times look ordinary.