Mighty Mouse

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Noun1.Mighty Mouse - a fictional mouse endowed with great strength and courage
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At $130 the Mighty Mouse is over a third of the cost of the handgun itself, but I've found it does help more accurate shooting, especially in marginal light.
LaserLyte's Mighty Mouse works with all North American Arms .
The Mighty Mouse laser aligns along the pistol's sight line for Instant target acquisition, and it's fully adjustable to point of impact.
Most toons are short, so it's fine to come any time and catch oldies such as Popeye, Felix, Betty Boop, Porky Pig, Mighty Mouse, Superman, Gumby and Casper.
Sure, the two-button mouse has been around for more than 20 years, but leave it to Apple to make that little implement gallery-worthy with the Mighty Mouse ($49).
Such a quality story is no surprise from Hank, whose work has filled our pages since he first penned a tale about a restored Mead Mighty Mouse crawler a year ago.
First there was Disney's Mickey Mouse, then Tom's mate Jerry, and Mighty Mouse.
32 NAA, this mighty mouse has more power than ever before.
Featuring commercials, Webtoons and episodes of Ren & Stimpy and Mighty Mouse too raunchy or politically incorrect for the networks, the screening displayed yet another edge to this year's festival, that of uncensored comic revelry, free of all the liberal constraints of good taste.
Waterloo, who should be in a mood to celebrate, field David Blyth in the second row as Paul White's partner, Dan Smith, Dave Mercer and their Mighty Mouse Hugo Corbett at the back, and give a welcome debut to Phil Winstanley.