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or Mi•haj•lo•vić

(mɪˈhaɪ lə vɪtʃ)

Dra•ža (ˈdrɑ ʒə) 1893–1946, Yugoslav military leader.
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Schweinsteigers signing brings the Fire roster to 21 players, but that includes four goalkeepers and two players who will spend the first half of the season rehabbing torn ACLs, Djordje Mihailovic and Michael de Leeuw.
It appears, however, clear from the content of this writing that, rather than the Yugoslav diplomat, it was penned by a British Liaison Officer (BLO) who came to personally know General Dragoljub (Draza) Mihailovic (1893-1946).
Before 12 months was up Kooheji had made his professional debut in India's Super Fight League and made history after earning his first victory at an international MMA competition over Mihail Mihailovic.
In late 1942, realizing their importance in tying down many divisions of Axis troops in Yugoslavia, the Americans and British began supplying the Yugoslav Partisans, led by Josip Broz Tito, and Chetniks, led by Draza Mihailovic, with weapons, supplies and trainers.
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In May 2015, Serbia rehabilitated Chetnik leader Dragoljub ("Draza") Mihailovic, executed in May 1946 for high treason and collaboration with the Nazis.
Stefan Mihailovic, a 21-year-old student at Rome's John Cabot University, praised the initiative though he acknowledged the fines will hurt.