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A city of northern Morocco west-southwest of Fez. A capital of Moroccan sultans after c. 1672, it was once known as "the Versailles of Morocco" for its palatial buildings and splendid gardens.


(Placename) a city in N central Morocco, in the Middle Atlas Mountains: noted for the making of carpets. Pop: 234 000 (2003)



a city in N Morocco: former capital of Morocco. 530,171.
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Promoseven Holdings chief executive Akram Miknas was named by UAE-based media publication Arabian Marketer as its 2018 'Person of the Year' during an event in Dubai.
Akram Miknas, a Bahraini/Lebanese business man with a passion for photography.
FP7/MENA's CEO Tarek Miknas says, "As the voice of the MENA region, we've launched initiatives such as the Taxi Driver Diaries in 2012, which is an ongoing program for us.
Among the killed terrorists were Abu Ayoub al-Shishani, Abu Yacoub al-Turkstani, Abu Qotada al-Auzbaki the prince of Dibs Afnan area, Mahmoud Ismael Kojak the prince of al-Mishrifa area, Ahmad al-Othman the Mufti of ISIS in Maskana area, Abdul-Rahman Miknas AKA "Aby Said al-Saudi", the Iraqi terrorist Safwan al-Zeib, the Moroccan terrorist Abdul-Raouf Abu Hina, Abu Rihab al-Shishani and Abu Yousef al-Australi.
We look forward to working with First Bahrain on this project, given their strong reputation as a real estate company which delivers on its promises," said Akram Miknas, chairman of Promoseven Holdings.
But our focus is on the people who consume our products day in and day out, and we are working to win their loyalty and taste," says Karim Miknas, managing partner of Miknas Food SAL, the licensee of McDonald's Corporation in Lebanon.
Tarek Miknas, CEO, FP7/MENA, said: "I credit this to the culture created by the management.
Abdulhussain bin Ali Mirza received the founder-chairman of PromoSeven Holdings, Akram Miknas, accompanied with the company's Deputy CEO for Property Development Projects, Tariq Jad.
The project is the brainchild of the Seven Leisure Group, belonging to businessman Akram Miknas, which already owns Coral Bay.
Seven Leisure Group, owned by businessman Akram Miknas, is behind the project and has invested US $5 million in converting a boat it purchased six months ago into a hotel.
A Lebanese gentleman who has been in advertising for the last 30 years and lives in Bahrain, Akram Miknas is the chairman of the Middle East Communications Network (MCN) -- the building that houses this museum.