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 (mĭ-lăn′, -län′)
A city of northern Italy northeast of Genoa. Probably of Celtic origin, it was taken by the Romans in 222 bc and has been an important commercial, financial, cultural, and industrial center since medieval times because of its strategic location.

Mil′a·nese′ (mĭl′ə-nēz′, -nēs′) adj. & n.


1. (Human Geography) of or relating to Milan, its people, culture, etc
2. (Textiles) of a fine lightweight knitted fabric of silk, rayon, etc
npl -ese
3. (Languages) the Italian dialect spoken in Milan
4. (Human Geography) a native or inhabitant of Milan


(ˌmɪl əˈniz, -ˈnis)

n., pl. -ese,
adj. n.
1. a native or inhabitant of Milan.
2. the form of Upper Italian spoken in and around Milan.
3. of or pertaining to Milan, its inhabitants, or their speech.
[1475–85; < Italian; see Milan, -ese]
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Noun1.Milanese - a native or inhabitant of Milan
Milan, Milano - the capital of Lombardy in northern Italy; has been an international center of trade and industry since the Middle Ages
Italian - a native or inhabitant of Italy
Adj.1.Milanese - of or relating to or characteristic of Milan or its peopleMilanese - of or relating to or characteristic of Milan or its people


1. adjmilanese, alla milanese
2. n invmilanese m/f
References in classic literature ?
Duke Filippo being dead, the Milanese enlisted Francesco Sforza against the Venetians, and he, having overcome the enemy at Caravaggio,[*] allied himself with them to crush the Milanese, his masters.
She was not her child, but the daughter of a Milanese nobleman.
They also took the commandant of the fort, Gabrio Cerbellon by name, a Milanese gentleman, a great engineer and a very brave soldier.
Part of the time, the Milanese use it for a race track, and at other seasons they flood it with water and have spirited yachting regattas there.
Contract award notice: Open procedure in aggregate form for the assignment of the supply of multifunctional radiological diagnostic equipment required by the healthcare companies: Asst ovest milanese (lead partner) and asst valle olona (principal)
CenterStar Energy, a national solar construction company, has named Rich Milanese as its vice president, Business Development.
with Milanese Loop is almost perfectly in line with Apple's prices - the most
Leyton Orient have replaced one Italian manager with another after appointing Fabio Liverani to replace Mauro Milanese.
The former Genoa coach has replaced Mauro Milanese - whose spell in charge came to an end on Monday after just 43 days - and has agreed a two-and-a-half year deal which kicks off with Saturday's home match against Peterborough.
The narrower geographical focus makes the Storia linguistica di Milano a more comprehensive analysis of the phonology, morphology, syntax and vocabulary of the Milanese dialect.
This is very important because it proves that the quality is very high because the people who have cultivated this product have to respect numerous guidelines, including when the sugar Brix is correct," Milanese says.
But it failed to raise any festive cheer to Milanese officials, who said the Christmas season is "a holiday for children and families [that] requires sobriety in urban decorations".