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Noun1.Milano - the capital of Lombardy in northern ItalyMilano - the capital of Lombardy in northern Italy; has been an international center of trade and industry since the Middle Ages
Lombardia, Lombardy - a region of north central Italy bordering Switzerland
Milanese - a native or inhabitant of Milan
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Again, it much assists a prince to set unusual examples in internal affairs, similar to those which are related of Messer Bernabo da Milano, who, when he had the opportunity, by any one in civil life doing some extraordinary thing, either good or bad, would take some method of rewarding or punishing him, which would be much spoken about.
Contract award notice: Assignment of insurance services of the politecnico di milano - civil liability for violation of confidentiality agreements
Korff Milano, a leading Italian company known for its upmarket beauty solutions in the pharmaceutical industry, has announced its foray into the UAE market in partnership with BinSina Pharmacies.
Alyssa Milano Via Official Facebook page -- Compiled by Egypt Today CAIRO -- 19 December 2017: "First, accept sadness.
Rose McGowan has just started a fight with her "Charmed" co-star Alyssa Milano.
Milano, a company having a decade of experience in design, production and distribution of sanitary ware and faucets in the global market under Danube Group participated at one of the biggest and most credible construction show - The Big5.
The firm arranged a 1,542 s/f lease with Kiko Milano, an Italian professional cosmetics brand, and a 4,629 s/f lease with Line Friends, the mobile messenger characters brand.
MEP product manufacturer Milano has witnessed a 30% increase in sales in the last six months.
Tarchetti, nella Strenna della Illustrazione universale per l'anno 1875 (31-38), pubblicata dall'editore Treves a Milano.
com)-- Petit Jardin Milano had taken part in BeautyWorldMe at Dubai from May 14 to 16, 2017.
Oud Milano has added a new outlet to its network of branches in Jeddah.
G-III is apparel licensee for Touch by Alyssa Milano, the primary off-field women's sports apparel brand.