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Noun1.Milano - the capital of Lombardy in northern ItalyMilano - the capital of Lombardy in northern Italy; has been an international center of trade and industry since the Middle Ages
Lombardia, Lombardy - a region of north central Italy bordering Switzerland
Milanese - a native or inhabitant of Milan
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Again, it much assists a prince to set unusual examples in internal affairs, similar to those which are related of Messer Bernabo da Milano, who, when he had the opportunity, by any one in civil life doing some extraordinary thing, either good or bad, would take some method of rewarding or punishing him, which would be much spoken about.
Static testing lots 1 and 2 - upgrading characteristics of highway SP 46 Rho Monza from the end of the bypass north of Milan at the bridge on the railway line Milano Varese.
a leader in the weight-management category, announced today that Alyssa Milano is the new spokesperson for the brand.
In order to make full use of Expo Milano 2015 as an international platform to promote and invite business and exhibitors overseas for the first time, Beijing International Horticultural Exposition 2019 will launch a series of promotion activities to pave the way for widely attracting guests during Beijing Week in Expo Milano 2015.
Milano - The UAE pavilion at the Expo Milano 2015 has organised a special corner, where Emirati youths offer Arabic coffee and samples of candy and light Emirati traditional food to visitors.
By Mahdi Al-Nimr (with photos) MILANO, Italy, Nov 13 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's General Consul to Milano Abdulnasser Boukhaddour and Mayor of Milano Giuliano Pisapia have examined preparations for the planned international exhibition, "Expo Milano 2015," and means of promoting Kuwaiti-Italian economic cooperation.
com)-- As a brand that is synonymous with Italian luxury, Treccani Milano offers exquisite leather products to clients in Canada and abroad.
BASED BAKED GOODS DIVISION OF CAMPBELL, has launched a multi-million dollar television advertising campaign designed to drive sales of its iconic Milano cookies.
Nestle Professional Middle East's beverages business manager Anuj Singh explains how the new Nescafe Milano specialty coffee programme perfectly meets the needs of food service operators.
Now the perfect harmony found in the Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie is available in a delicious cake," says the Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie Cake package.
The Bryce Milano Quintet is first out of the bag this fall, and they may be the youngest.