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Noun1.Miles Davis - United States jazz musicianMiles Davis - United States jazz musician; noted for his trumpet style (1926-1991)
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The newest entry in Columbia/Legacy Recordings' critically-acclaimed Miles Davis Bootleg Series , NEWPORT 1955-1975 clocks in at 296 minutes, nearly four hours of which is previously unreleased .
With the history of the Bronx and everybody that is planning ahead, we have a lot of requests to be close to Miles Davis and Celia Cruz,'' said cemetery Executive Director David Ison.
The influential Miles Davis takes the audience through his and Coltrane's struggle to keep jazz alive through this transformative period, paving the way for new diverse forms of musical expression.
In writing this volume, Richard Williams knew that the story of the making of Kind of Blue has already been told, in great detail, in previous volumes: Ashley Kahn's Kind of Blue: The Making of Miles Davis's Masterpiece (Da Capo Press, 2000), and Eric Nisenson's The Making of Kind of Blue: Miles Davis and His Masterpiece (St.
The strokes that form the outline of this woman mesh with those of Miles Davis on his saxophone, eyes closed, and virtually oblivious to the existence of a world beyond his tunes.
Cool jazz, a style and period designation, has been characterized by a more relaxed or less aggressive approach than bebop, hence "cool" as opposed to bebop's being "hot," and is represented mainly by white musicians, major exceptions being Miles Davis and the members of the Modern Jazz Quartet.
Current Favourite Album: Miles Ahead - Miles Davis.
Richard Cook, editor of Jazz Review, provides an original examination at Miles Davis in It's About That Time: Miles Davis on and off the Record (Oxford University Press, January 2007, $27, ISBN 0-195-32266-5).
The Kind of Blue line-up was tenor saxophonist John Coltrane, alto saxophonist Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley, pianists Bill Evans and Wynton Kelly (who played on just one track), bassist Paul Chambers, drummer Jimmy Cobb and of course, trumpeter Miles Davis.
Miles Davis once said that what most artists do is to make simple things complex, but what great artists (and of course that included him) do is to make complex things appear simple.
This trio was just coming into its own after Bill Evans broke away from the Miles Davis group.
BEN Miles on working with the legendary Helen Mirren on Prime Suspect: 'It's like playing tennis with a great tennis player, or playing the trumpet with Miles Davis -although she looks nothing like Miles Davis