Miles Davis

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Noun1.Miles Davis - United States jazz musicianMiles Davis - United States jazz musician; noted for his trumpet style (1926-1991)
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The influence of the musical legacy of Miles Davis on the history of Western music seems to resonate more strongly as time passes.
Don Cheadle as Miles Davis When wily - and fictional - Rolling Stone journalist Dave Braden (Ewan McGregor) forces his way into Davis' house to get the scoop on a rumoured tape of his latest compositions, the mercurial musician is seething and angrily accompanies him to the record label which, according to Braden, arranged the chat.
Miles Davis (Don Cheadle) with music journalist (Ewan McGregor)
Something of that sort may have happened to Miles Davis who was not yet 30 when he played at Newport in 1955.
Don Cheadle has managed to accomplish something no one has been able to pull off in two decades: serve up a bigscreen tales of jazz great Miles Davis.
With the history of the Bronx and everybody that is planning ahead, we have a lot of requests to be close to Miles Davis and Celia Cruz,'' said cemetery Executive Director David Ison.
A los 18 anos Miles Davis ya estaba compartiendo escenario con Dizzy Gillespie y Charlie Bird Parker en la banda de Billy Eckstine.
Greg gave me the Miles Davis autobiography and it changed my whole perception of everything I thought I knew or liked.
Hung on a white wall, his image is lined up alongside paintings of other prominent jazz artists, ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to the legendary Miles Davis, which emanate their earthy tones across the open space of the gallery
The Birth of the Cool of Miles Davis and His Associates.
Any avid fan of jazz musician Miles Davis and any music library catering to this audience needs THE MILES DAVIS READER.