Milford Sound

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Mil·ford Sound

A fjord, about 17 km (11 mi) long, on the southwest coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It is noted for its spectacular waterfalls and mountain scenery.
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It's a tiring 13-hour round trip drive to spectacular Milford Sound, so we broke our journey with a lakeside stay at Te Anau and the following morning booked on to a local small group bus tour, including a cruise on the Sounds.
See the cascading waters of the Milford Sound, a fiord carved by glaciers during the ice ages.
Carved by glaciers during the ice ages, Milford Sound in New Zealand is breathtaking with its waterfalls & peaks
The poison 1080 is extremely toxic and is used extensively in New Zealand, including in national parks and around the Milford Sound, one of the country's biggest tourism draws, to control pests such as stoats, rabbits, deer, rats and possums.
It has thundering waterfalls and the magical misty mysteries of Milford Sound.
He said that aside from Queenstown, Alexandra and Milford Sound have surpassed their average dry spells.
In order to get people to appreciate winter (June, July and August) at Milford Sound, the Milford Sound Lodge launched a photo challenge this winter based on activities in the region.
My photographs of New Zealand pull me back to the actual experience of smelling the mist in the air and feeling the dampness on my skin, looking in amazement at the reflection of the mountains in a pond on our way to Milford Sound, at the deep colours the clouds create on the surface of Lake Wakatipu (which
Although boat trips surely come with their own magic, sometimes the thrill can be immeasurable especially for travelers who have found their way to the Milford Sound in New Zealand.
nz) based in Queenstown airport had organised a trip for us to catch the Milford Sound Scenic Cruise at one pm.
After an afternoon of pampering, dinner spent sampling New Zealand's national dish - fish and chips - and just a few hours' sleep, it was an early start for the journey out to the fjordlands and the famous Milford Sound.