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A dam constructed across a stream to raise the water level so that the overflow will have sufficient power to turn a mill wheel.


(Civil Engineering) a dam built in a stream to raise the water level sufficiently for it to turn a millwheel



a dam built in a stream to furnish a head of water for turning a mill wheel.
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Noun1.milldam - dam to make a millpond to provide power for a water millmilldam - dam to make a millpond to provide power for a water mill
dam, dike, dyke - a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea
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A flow of words doth ever ease the heart of sorrows; it is like opening the waste weir when the mill dam is overfull.
The harmful blue-green algal blooms, found on Monastery Dam and Sutton Mill Dam, can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, blisters, joint and muscle pain and rashes in humans and prove lethal to livestock and pets if ingested.
CUSTOMS HOUSE, SOUTH SHIELDS Mill Dam (0191 454 1234) Brooklyn (12A): Mon-Wed 1.
The project includes the removal of the Sheraton Mill Dam, and the LeFever Dam, both of which were previously used to provide hydroelectric power to local industries.
Despite being quite close to Woodhead Road and the centre of Holmfirth, the house and adjoining properties in the small hamlet are tucked away in a quiet backwater away from the hustle and bustle and next to the old mill dam which has a host of wildlife.
Ocala Forest area lake front 29 acres on N&S of Hwy 40 - Half Moon 7 acres Mill Dam 22 acres w/130 mobile sites (30 need meters), apprx 83 long time residents, 55+ family section some park owned units.
After all, the horse and the mill dam still reigned supreme as the nonhuman sources of power and wood, stone and brick were the main structural components of all things built by humans.
The incident occurred while the officer and his wife Janet, also 44, were walking around Carr Mill Dam near their home in St Helens, Merseyside.
Rumours abounded that a great pot of coins had been unearthed near the Mill Dam (the area currently under redevelopment at the bottom of Trinity Street).
The Edwards Mill Dam on the Kennebec River in Maine was breached in July 1999 and set a precedent for dam removal.
At South Tyneside magistrates court yesterday, close to Mill Dam police station in South Shields where he is based, Toulson admitted drink driving, careless driving, failing to stop after an accident and failing to report an accident.