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also Me·los  (mē′lôs) or Mi·lo (mē′lō, mī′-)
An island of southeast Greece in the Cyclades Islands of the Aegean Sea. It was a flourishing trade and obsidian-mining center in ancient times but lost importance when bronze replaced obsidian as a material for tools and weapons. The famous statue Venus de Milo was discovered here in 1820.


(Placename) transliteration of the Modern Greek name for Melos


(ˈmi lɒs, -loʊs)

also Milos

a Greek island in the Cyclades, in the SW Aegean. 4560; 51 sq. mi. (132 sq. km).
Me′li•an, adj., n.
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Only after the album proved popular did Canadian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Milosh and Danish musician / producer Robin Hannibal reveal their identities and perform a concert tour.
by Alison Taylor, Zane Hamm, & Milosh Raykov; "Gender Policies Meet VET Practices--The Case of Health and Social Care in Norway," by Hakon Host, Idunn Seland, & Asgeir Skalholt.
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On the Odyssey Marine a marine salvager specialising in extracting cargoes from sunken ships, Mike Milosh stared into the monitor showing video from the shipwreck more than mile below him.
Besides, leaders of some countries-EU members - President of Czech Republic Milosh Zeman, Austria - Heinz Fischer, Lithuania - Dalia
The Gold Djed Pillar for best feature film went to Serbian Director Milosh Puzich for "Withering".
Kosovo-born Zoran Ratkovic pinched the keys and took cousins Milosh and Vojin Petrovic for a ride, even though none of them could see over the steering wheel.
Some of his bound books have been donated to Danish Queen Margareta II, former French President Mitterand, poet Ceslav Milosh and other royalty.
Milosh sees the actions of the BeowulfGrendel as predictable and static.
Serbian leaders, now directed by Milosh Obrenovic, and convinced that independence alone would satisfy their yearning for peace and security, again rose in revolt on Palm Sunday, 1815.
See also Cathy Singer, "Going Private Transactions and Other Related Party Transactions" in Julia Milosh, ed.
Milosh Puchovsky, the principal fire protection engineer at the fire protection association, said while he couldn't recommend any products, he could, however, institute codes and standards for managers.