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prop. a.1.Miltonic.
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Knoepflmacher suggests that Eliot draws in significant ways upon a Miltonian vision of the Fall and redemption, while infusing this vision with emphases unique to her religious perspective.
Bachelder's Grand Miltonian Tableaux of Paradise Lost, a moving panorama, was first presented at the American Hotel, Auburn, California, on 22 April 1865, and it travelled in the United States and England before moving to Australia in 1867.
Perhaps Stockhausen is best remembered for the truly gargantuan dimensions of his most spectacular compositions: the three orchestras of 'Gruppen' (memorably given in a double performance by a tripartite CBSO in the ICC, Simon Rattle, his mentor John Carewe, and his protg Daniel Harding conducting); surpassed by the four orchestras and choruses of 'Carre'; and the week-long operatic cycle 'Licht' of which 'Mittwoch' is obviously apart, super-Wagnerian in scale but more Miltonian in its context, based on Good against Evil, with Michael (shades of the Archangel, but with reminiscences of Wagner's Siegfried) the hero on the side of Good.
Crossword with its arbitrary clues, Alys Conran's new definitions of Wales - 'wind cornering on two wheels' - and the editor's Open String Field Theory As Projective Verse - concrete ambiguity and Miltonian particles.
police power as the "sophistic Miltonian Serbonian Bog").
When I'm writing about the mind or the heart I use a Shakespearean or a Miltonian form, a more entangled version, because that's more how the mind feels to me.