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The final period of the Mogollon culture, from the 9th to the 13th century, noted for its distinctive pottery bowls painted with black-on-white designs.

[After the valley of the Mimbres River in southwestern New Mexico, in which the culture flourished, from Spanish mimbres, pl. of mimbre, willow, withy, wicker, variant of vimbre, from Old Spanish vimbre, vimpne, from Latin vīmen, vīmin-; see wei- in Indo-European roots.]
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Mimbres Life and Society: The Mattocks Site of Southwestern New Mexico
Television y la productora me han puesto todos los mimbres para que yo pueda seguir todo lo que quiera; ademas, siempre he abogado porque las embarazadas trabajen mientras se encuentren bien>>.
Y su ruptura con Roma puso los mimbres para la articulacion de diversos estados alemanes, desprovistos ya del factor de cohesion religiosa que otrora facilitaba la integracion del sacro imperio romano-germanico.
Hay mimbres para ello, y solo hace falta poner un cierto orden en la jungla de nombres que ahora se acaban de citar.
Con estos mimbres, no es facil calar en la problematica juridica de las materias objeto de estudio.
A highly respected judge is murdered in Mimbres County, New Mexico and local attorney David Madrid is arrested for the crime.
Diligent hands make for great wealth, and a great many hands took part in a recent habitat restoration project on the Mimbres River near San Lorenzo, New Mexico.
Notes: A Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting will be held as March 29, 2016 at 10:00 AM at NMCG Property at Mimbres, NM.
Gustin has been influenced by a wide variety of objects and experiences; Middle Eastern calligraphy, Asian ceramics, Mimbres pottery, Moche stirrup pots, Georgio Morandi's paintings, the Golden Ratio, surfing, trips to Egypt and the Azores.
Clair Mimbres Red is the number-one selling red wine in New Mexico, above all other brands.
The Mimbres, or Warm Springs, Apaches were an eastern division of the famous Chiricahuas who controlled southwestern New Mexico Territory through the 1860s.
Long ago a people that we know today as the Mimbres foraged, hunted, and farmed on the alluvial plain east of Cave Creek canyon in southeast Arizona.