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n.1.(Biol.) Same as Mimicry.
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Furthermore, public sector organizations are more vulnerable to circumstances, which means they adopt certain kinds of structures, processes or innovations in order to benefit from the advantages that mimetism offers.
The novel is written in the style that was to become characteristic for Lewis, based on a "pyrotechnic" combination of narrative sophistication, satirical genius, mimetism producing hilarity and verve, and presenting the reader simultaneously two contrasting versions of the same scene:
The objectives of the project therefore are: (1) to identify the major concepts, theoretical frameworks and empirical concerns that characterize the Russian study of Russia-EU relations; (2) to pinpoint the dominant narratives on Russia-EU relations produced by the policy world; (3) to identify the structures and frameworks of exchange, homology and mimetism between the academic and policy-making fields in Russia; (4) to identify the content and form of the actual exchange of knowledge and expertise between the academy and the field of policymaking.
The website currently has dozens of ongoing projects on topics such as symbiotic relationships, mimetism, and backyard diversity.
From this perspective, myth raises the issue of mimetism, which Lacoue-Labarthe and Nancy (1990) discuss in relation to the "Nazi myth.
These authors point out that different studies showing mimetism in adoption of Information Technology, which reinforces the possibility of Information Security measures being imitated by research institutes.
En palabras de Aizenberg, Borges "walks the fine line between mimetism and transfiguration, between historical loci and symbolic dramatizations" ("Postmodern" 147).
the result of the coordination of the national plans by the Commission in 2010 has not shown visible results at this stage, but it is possible to think that the learning process helped to push Member States into mobilizing their national forces to limit unemployment, and that mimetism has played a role in the choices made by the Member States and/or the social partners in the choice of policies during the crisis (2011: 7).
Ritual mimetism, as Lucien Levy-Bruhl remarks, derives from a well-rooted pattern of "prelogical" mentality: the image is consubstantial with the original and vice versa (13).