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1. A member of an ancient Semitic people inhabiting northwestern Yemen.
2. The extinct Old South Arabian language spoken by this people.

[Latin Mīnaeus, of Old South Arabian origin.]
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Between the 12th century BC and the 6th century AD, it was part of the Minaean, Sabaean, and Himyarite kingdoms, which controlled the lucrative spice trade, and later came under Ethiopian and Persian rule.
Yemen, the land of history and civilization, the Land of the Two Paradises, the Sheba civilization, the Minaean Kingdom and the Himyarite Kingdom is facing difficult times due to Saleh's insistence on occupying the presidential chair for an additional period of time.
Court records show that Minaean defied Lane County Circuit Judge Charles Carlson's July 2010 order that it produce documents requested by Davis' lawyers to prepare for trial in the case.
Nussli India had signed a mem orandum of understanding with a Canadian company's wholly owned subsidiary, Minaean Habitat India Pvt Ltd, for supplying modular construction technologies using light-gauge steel at Games venues.
Global Banking News-21 June 2010-Axis selects Minaean for prototype of ATM kiosk(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.
A Minaean text invokes 'ttr srqn wgrbn, or "Attar of the east and the west.
al-Theeb, titled "A New Minaean Inscription from North Arabia"; the fourth is M.
Only one company filed a lien against the WestTown on 8th project, and that was a Canadian firm, Minaean Power Structures, which erected the steel ribs of the mammoth, 102-unit apartment building downtown.