Minas Basin

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Mi·nas Basin

An arm of the Bay of Fundy extending into west-central Nova Scotia, Canada. It is connected with the bay by the Minas Channel.

Minas Basin

(Placename) a bay in E Canada, in central Nova Scotia: the NE arm of the Bay of Fundy, with which it is linked by Minas Channel

Mi′nas Ba′sin

(ˈmaɪ nəs)
a bay in E Canada, the easternmost arm of the Bay of Fundy, in N Nova Scotia.
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The wastewater treatment plant, which will start construction this year, will stop raw sewage from flowing into the Minas Basin and the Avon River once it s finished.
Dawson was first to illustrate the complex outcrops of the Triassic-Jurassic rocks along the northern shores of the Minas Basin, including Wasson Bluff, a locality that would prove critical to understanding the Triassic-Jurassic transition in continental biotas worldwide.
It's a collaboration among academic and government scientists and industry, including Nova Scotia-based companies Nova Scotia Power, Minas Basin Pulp and Power, and Fundy Tidal; French company Alstom and U.
Tim Archibald as guide, explored the Minas Basin and the Kings New Minas Presbyterian Church, established in 1990.
Reaching this milestone was only possible with the support and work of our partners at Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE), particularly Minas Basin Pulp & Power.
Millennium Chemicals Minas Basin Pulp &Power Go.
a manufacturer of sustainable packaging; Scotia Recycling, which reclaims used cartons and recycles them; Minas Basin, a paper mill that through a re-pulping process makes 100 percent recycled linerboard.
The project developer is Minas Energy, formerly Minas Basin Pulp and Power, and German company Enercon is building the turbines.
On late Monday afternoon, the group departed Saint John, "wind and tide favoring" their passage across the Bay of Fundy to the Minas Basin of Nova Scotia.
Oxford Frozen Foods and Minas Basin Pulp and Power Co.
Within half an hour, High Water will occur from Cape Cod Bay to the upper reaches of the Bay of Fundy except for Minas Basin, where there is a further delay of one hour.