mince pie

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mince pie

1. (Cookery) a small round pastry tart filled with mincemeat
2. (usually plural) Cockney rhyming slang an eye


(or minced′) pie′,

a pie filled with mincemeat.
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Noun1.mince pie - pie containing mincemeatmince pie - pie containing mincemeat    
pie - dish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top
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His intention had been to kill the day somehow in the streets and then dine at a restaurant, but he could not face again the sight of cheerful people, talking, laughing, and making merry; so he went back to Waterloo, and on his way through the Westminster Bridge Road bought some ham and a couple of mince pies and went back to Barnes.
He ate seventeen bowls of porridge, a platter full of fried sausages, eleven loaves of bread and twenty-one mince pies," said the Steward.
I et mince pie and rost turkey and frut cake and donuts and cheese and jam and choklut cake.
Dan King felt somewhat indisposed the day after Christmas-- probably as the result of too much mince pie.
Frumenty and mince pie,' the Gnat replied; 'and it makes its nest in a Christmas box.
It's been nice baking some of your favourite festive family recipes but I've saved Christmas Eve for my very own favourite - filo pastry mince pies for Santa.
Many Christmas foods, such as mince pies and chocolate, can be harmful to canines Dr Maeve Moorcroft, head of pets at Pets at Home, says: "A pet's diet is essential when it comes to their health and wellbeing, but with all the delicious smells and tastes of Christmas it can be tempting to treat your furry friend to some delicious festive treats.
WAITROSE CHOCOLATE AND GINGER MINCE PIES PS2 for six NOT strictly a mince pie, more like a tart, but delcious nonetheless.
Here are our favourite options GREGGS SWEET MINCE PIES PS1.
A CHIPPY is offering a special festive treat - mince pies fried in batter.
Now, you can buy mince pies all year round, like tomatoes or hot cross buns.