mince pie

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mince pie

1. (Cookery) a small round pastry tart filled with mincemeat
2. (usually plural) Cockney rhyming slang an eye


(or minced′) pie′,

a pie filled with mincemeat.
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Noun1.mince pie - pie containing mincemeatmince pie - pie containing mincemeat    
pie - dish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top
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This was followed by a flying duck that migrated in a westerly direction across to the dining room where it landed on a mince tart, causing some consternation on the part of the elderly woman who was eating it.
Taste the Difference Clementine & Cranberry Mince Tarts (4), Sainsbury's PS2.
Sprinkled over cakes, desserts, mince tarts and table centrepieces, the Meringue version gives the appearance of pristine snow which glows among the tinsel and icing.
Luxury Fruit Mince Tarts that are made with the finest dried fruits.