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n. pl. min·is
1. Something that is distinctively smaller than other members of its type or class.
2. A miniskirt.

[From mini-. Sense 2, short for miniskirt.]

min′i adj.


1. (Clothing & Fashion) (of a woman's dress, skirt, etc) very short; thigh-length
2. (prenominal) small; miniature
n, pl minis
something very small of its kind, esp a small car or a miniskirt


(ˈmɪn i)

n., pl. min•is.
b. a garment with a miniskirt, esp. a dress.
3. anything small of its kind.
[1965–70; independent use of mini-, or by shortening of words with mini- as initial element]


a combining form with the meanings “of a small or reduced size” (minicar; minigun); “limited in scope, intensity, or duration” (miniboom; minicourse); (of clothing) “short, not reaching the knee” (minidress; miniskirt).
[by shortening of miniature, minimal, or minimum]
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - a very short skirtmini - a very short skirt      
skirt - a garment hanging from the waist; worn mainly by girls and women - used of women's clothingmini - used of women's clothing; very short with hemline above the knee; "a mini dress"; "miniskirts"
combining form - a bound form used only in compounds; "`hemato-' is a combining form in words like `hematology'"
maxi - used of women's clothing having a hemline at the ankle; "wanted a maxi-length coat"; "a maxidress"
midi - used of women's clothing having a hemline at mid-calf; "midiskirts"; "wore her dresses midi length"
سَيّارَه صَغيرَهصَغير، مُخْتَصَر
Minipínupilssmá-, lítill
mažalitražis automobilisminitrumpas sijonas
ļoti mazsminiminiatūrsminiautomobilis, ļoti maza mašīna


[ˈmɪnɪ] N (Aut) → Mini m


[ˈmɪnɪ] N (= miniskirt) → minifalda f


[ˈmɪni] n (also mini-skirt) → minijupe f


nMinibar f
nKurzurlaub m
n Etat, der nur Teilbereiche bzw. nur einen Teil des Rechnungsjahres abdeckt, → Zwischenetat m
nKleinbus m
nMinicar m, → Kleintaxi nt
nMinikassette f
nMinicomputer m, → Kleinrechner m
n (Mus) → Minidisc f; mini playerMinidisc-Spieler m
nMinikleid nt


nMinipille f
n (esp US) → kleines Erdbeben, Erdstoß m
nKurzski m
nMinirock m
nZwergstaat m


[ˈmɪnɪ] n (also miniskirt) → mini f inv


(ˈmini) noun
1. short for miniskirt.
2. (with capital. ˌ) a type of small car.
(or part of a word) small. a mini dictionary; a minibus.
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The still nimble and sporty Mini Cooper S convertible does pretty much everything that the JCW does for four grand less.
In fifth place came the MINI Cooper Luxury, with the sale of two cars, while the MINI Cooper S JCW sold only one car.
ONE of the most famous cars in the history of motorsport - Paddy Hopkirk's 1964 Monte Carlo Rally winning Mini Cooper S - is set to be one of the stars of the show at this year's Coventry Motofest.
And a Steptronic sports transmission with steering wheel-mounted shift paddles can be specified on MINI Cooper S Convertible and on MINI John Cooper Works Convertible.
The automaker stated that the recalled models include 2005 to 2008 Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S.
Apart from the two models that were launched, MINI also announced that the new and awaited MINI Cooper S 3-door will be available at MINI dealerships across India from the first quarter of 2015.
1 centimetres (more than six inches) longer than the three-door and goes on sale on October 25 with Mini One, Mini One D, Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper D, Mini Cooper S and Mini Cooper SD variants all available.
And fuel consumption in the new MINI Cooper S Countryman is improved to 47.
But the Mini Cooper S Paceman is a bit of a paradox itself.
Style wise, a horizontal radiator grille rib finished in chrome on the new Mini Cooper S and Cooper SD Countryman - along with a curved S in red - now give the front a sportier edge while the face of the new John Cooper Works version features a red radiator grille rib with the JCW logo.
Stylish and sporty, this nifty new special edition available on the MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper S Countryman sports stripes and mirror caps as well as luminous colour options in green and other colours.
Where the older MINI Cooper S made do with a 70bhp engine the, newest kid on the Cooper S block comes with 184bhp turbocharged engine as standard.