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A van designed primarily for carrying passengers, typically having rear seats that can be removed for loading cargo.


(Automotive Engineering) a small van, esp one with seats in the back for carrying passengers


(ˈmɪn iˌvæn)

a small passenger van.
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Noun1.minivan - a small box-shaped passenger vanminivan - a small box-shaped passenger van; usually has removable seats; used as a family car
auto, automobile, car, motorcar, machine - a motor vehicle with four wheels; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
passenger van - a van that carries passengers


nMinivan m
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7 billion Mahindra Group, has announced a free service camp for its Maxximo Mini Van customers.
The SafeEye technology that we have applied in Maxximo Mini van aims at providing solution to this concern," said Pravin Shah, chief executive at M&M, in an Economic Times report.
The Maxximo Mini Van VX School Bus with SafeEye is priced at INR437,000.
You will never see another Mini van like this one - I do not think that it has been driven since 1968.
Dubai police said the accident happened at around 6:20am after the driver of the mini van lost control, hit a road divider, and then hit a car coming in the opposite direction.
And although we spent a good portion of the trip confined to our mini vans, driving to those spots, some of the best times were had on the road.
He arrived home with "a bit of a shed" ( a Mini van with six inches sheered off the height.
The way Honda enters vehicle segments, it's not surprising that they came into the mini van segment with one of the best.
Toyota enjoyed its ninth consecutive month of 100,000-plus sales with November records for the Land Cruiser and 4Runner SUVs, as well as the Sienna mini van.
Tenders are invited for Provide following vehicles for two programs: senior center: 2 each - 2016/2017 12 passenger van trade-in: 2002 ford E350 12 passenger van trade-in: 2002 ford e350 12 passenger van 2 each - 2016/2017 mini vans trade-in: 2005 pontiac montana mini van trade-in: 2005 pontiac montana mini van 2 each - 2016/2017 meal trucks trade-in: 2006 gmc canyon meal truck trade-in: 2006 gmc canyon meal truck 1 each - 2016/2017 4 x 4 truck 1 each - 2016/2017 sedan tribal roads: 1 each - farm tractor with mower attachment.
Mahindra's Alfa 3 Wheeler, Maxximo Plus Mini Truck & Mini Van, Bolero and BMT Plus Pick Ups, Scorpio Pick Up and Genio Pick Ups are exported in key markets of Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and South America to name a few.
the CNG variant of the mini-truck, the Maxximo Mini Van and the Maxximo Mini Van VX (Hardtop with Sliding Doors).