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(Computer Science) a small recordable compact disc


® minidisc [ˈmɪnɪdɪsk]
A. N (= system, disc) → MiniDisc ® m, minidisc m
B. CPD MiniDisc > player® N(reproductor m) MiniDisc ® m or minidisc m


[ˈmɪnidɪsk] nminidisc m, minidisque m
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The court heard Evans demanded he gave him the mini disc player and told him he had a knife.
Muji has a great range of clear, acrylic storage - a mini disc storage box costs pounds 13.
Police confirmed that 25-year-old Anthony Mark Richardson was charged with robbery of a Sony mini disc player from a 23-year-old man.
Ohga pioneered the concept of the mini disc and elaborated a set of detailed specifications for its product development, the institute said.
And of the 22 million vehicles now on the road, between 20 and 25 per cent have CD or Mini Disc stereos.
Christian had to dye his hair red to look like Geri for the Spice Girls tour, but he's already left his mark in a big-budget TV ad for Sony Mini Disc Walkmans.
They fled with a number of electrical items, including a 28" Mitsubishi wide screen television and Sony mini disc player, along with two family cars which were later dumped in an alley nearby.
Subsequently, Ellison's boyfriend, Anthony Mark Richardson, 25, was charged with the robbery of a Sony mini disc player from a 23-year-old man.
The contents were designed to reflect the culture and technology of Nuneaton in 2004 and included a mobile camera phone, a mini disc, coins, a local newspaper and youth magazine, a cost of living form for 2004 and a map of Nuneaton.
Now, buyers face a wide selection of CD, tape, minidisc or MP3 players BEST BUY Silver Net Mini Disc Walkman Sony Price pounds 250 Remote control; LCD display radio, editing and high-speed recording functions.
Alloys,sports suspension and mini disc players are just the beginning.
The burglar claimed he was a police officer looking for stolen equipment but ended up stealing several items including a mobile phone, a DVD player, a mini disc player and Sam's lap top.