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1. The lightest weight division in professional boxing, having an upper limit of 105 pounds (47.2 kilograms).
2. A boxer competing in this weight division. In both senses also called strawweight.
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Carlos Fajardo, Nicaragua, 12, for Calderon's WBO mini flyweight title.
He turned professional in 1992 and a year later - in his sixth pro fight - became the WBO mini flyweight world champion.
Weir, the former mini flyweight and light flyweight champion, makes the second appearance of his comeback after 33 months out of the ring against bantam weight Stevie Quinn from Newtonards.
In one of the most highly anticipated rematches of the year, World Boxing Council (WBC) Strawweight Champion Ricardo Lopez and World Boxing Association (WBA) Mini Flyweight Champion Rosendo Alvarez will square off to finally determine the world's best 105-pound fighter.