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also Min·ne·con·jou  (mĭn′ĭ-kŏn′jo͞o)
n. pl. Miniconjou or Min·i·con·jous also Minneconjou or Min·ne·con·jous
A member of a Native American people constituting a subdivision of the Lakota, formerly inhabiting an area from the Black Hills to the Platte River, with a present-day population in west-central South Dakota.
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The Lakota are further subdivided into seven bands: Oglala, Brule, Hunkpapa, Miniconjou, Sans Arc, Two Kettle, and Blackfeet.
The five westernmost Sioux reservations correspond roughly with various sub-bands of the Lakota: Standing Rock (Hunkpapa), Cheyenne River (Oohenunpa/Two Kettle, Miniconjou, Itazipco, Shasapa), Rosebud (Sicangu/Upper Brule), Pine Ridge (Oglala), and Lower Brule (Lower Brule).
The remaining heat went to Ned Kerrisk's Miniconjou who produced a TV Trophy-like performance as she came from last to first in 42.
McLaughlin carefully thought out the divergent lives of Oglala Red Cloud, Oglala Sioux Bad Face of Red Cloud's kindred, Sans Arc Thunder Hawk, Miniconjou and Oglala Hump, and Oglala Crazy Horse and his brothers.
The nephew of Sitting Bull, he served as a band chief among his wife's Miniconjou people and settled on the Cheyenne River Reservation in Dakota Territory.
Miniconjou, Yanktonai, Hunkpapa, Blackfeet, Cathead, Two Kettle, Sans Arcs, and Santee--and Arapaho.
The religion entered our reservation during October of that year through Kicking Bear, a respected member of the Miniconjou tribe.
About 120 men and 230 women and children of Chief Big Foot's Miniconjou band were running from a growing number of U.
I also happen to be a blood-initiated brother of the Miniconjou Sioux, On my wife's side, my grandson is a 13th generation Native-American--with the capital letter on "American.
Thehillofuisneach 8g Flemensfirth - Miniconjou Walters Plant Hire Ltd 1116P- 4 RPR 138h 98c OR 138h 136c Won three times over hurdles and probably needed his first run over fences a bit more than we thought at Exeter but he is the type who will come on for the experience and win his fair share at his new discipline.
Brule, Oglala, Miniconjou, Yanktonai, Hunkpapa, Blackfeet, Cuthead, Two Kettle, Sans Ares, and Santee--and Arapaho, 1868 (Treaty of Fort Laramie, 1868).
Thehillofuisneach 7g Flemensfirth - Miniconjou Walters Plant Hire Ltd 21/4/64- RPR 106h OR 101h He's owned by Ffos Las supremo Dai Walters and we have formed the opinion he needs a real test of stamina.